"Golden Age took me from death's door step to stronger than I've been in years.  I am now back in my own home and feeling stronger than ever!  I would highly recommend Golden Age's therapy department for anyone needing to get stronger so they can go home." 

"Thank you so much for the care you provide my father.  It is obvious that the staff are involved with him in a much deeper way than just helping him through the day to day necessities."

Skilled Nursing Care

Sometimes there is additional time needed to recuperate after a hospital stay. This is frequently the case with older adults because they tend to recover at a slower rate. "Skilled Nursing Care" means that licensed nurses and/or therapists will work daily with the resident. Golden Age Care Center's skilled nursing services are designed to meet the needs, providing round-the-clock nursing care for a limited number of days or weeks as per government guidelines. Our goal is to facilitate a return to the patient's highest level of function.

What to Expect:
At the beginning of this program each patient is provided with a customized nursing therapy treatment plan designed to meet his or her individual needs. Staff provides respiratory therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech-language therapy as ordered by a physician. Our nursing staff conscientiously handles prescription drug administration, wound care, and monitoring the heart and lung conditions The program continues until the person's individual Medicare goals are met.

Golden Age Care Center's Skilled Nursing features:
Specialized nursing care 24 hours a day
Rehabilitation services by licensed therapists
Specialized feeding, such as tube feedings

Program Evaluation:
Since skilled nursing care is a short-term program, the therapy team, nursing staff, physician, and social worker monitors each patent's progress. The team will thus determine when to discontinue skilled nursing services, based upon the individual's progress. Family member are kept informed of progress and consulted regarding plans for a return home or alternative living arrangements.

Moving On:
After goals for recuperation and rehabilitation are met, the patient may return home. If it is found that an individual is unable to live independently per team recommendation, the staff will assist family members in making alternative living arrangements.

Remember Golden Age Care Center's goal is to work with the individual, providing expert medical care, rehab therapies, and specialty care in a comfortable and supportive environment. So if you or a loved one is in need of skilled care, think of Golden Age Care Center.