"I never thought that I would feel so at home in a nursing home, but Golden Age has provided me with friends, things to do, and now my family is moving in!"

"Thank you so much for the care you provide my father.  It is obvious that the staff are involved with him in a much deeper way than just helping him through the day to day necessities."

How can we serve you?

Skilled Nursing Care:

Sometimes there is additional time needed to recuperate after a hospital stay in our "Rehab to Home" program. This is frequently the case with older adults because they tend to recover at a slower rate. These patients can take advantage of the extra 2 to 3 weeks of direct therapies to improve strength. Our "Rehab to Home" program has a proven track record for getting individuals back to their homes and the added recovery time and services are paid by Medicare for the qualified stay. "Skilled Nursing Care" means that licensed nurses and/or therapists will work daily with the resident. Golden Age Care Center's skilled nursing services are designed to meet the needs, providing round-the-clock nursing care for a limited number of days or weeks as per government guidelines. Our goal is to facilitate a return to the patient's highest level of function. (More of Skilled Nursing)

Social Services:

Social Services Department assists our residents and their families in the evaluation, placement, and adjustment to enter Golden Age Care Center. They will also assist for outside service when a resident is able to discharge back to their home.

There are many issues to consider with a move to a care center. Golden Age takes pride in assisting and answering questions you may have, therefore; we will provide information on policies as well as federal and state requirements. One of the state requirements includes a TB test, medical exam, and a physician's order before entering a nursing home. Living wills, durable power of attorney, and emergency issues of resuscitation are documents required on admission. Clear presentation of cost, what to expect, and how costs are determined are provided and discussed. Assistance with information on nursing home insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid is available as well.

Completing necessary paper work prior to admission makes it possible to spend more time during admission talking about the individual resident, his/her needs, and personal history.

It is the mission of Social Services to provide psycho-social, spiritual, and emotional care and offer support during the transition of life to the residents and family members. The social services department is always a place where you can talk.


ActivitiesActivities are a critical component for the residents at Golden Age Care Center. Each resident is delicate when it comes to psychological needs. This means that recreational therapy is more than just arts and crafts. It helps our residents recover memory and physical functions through specially designed activities and recreational programs. Program scheduling is based upon the seven basic needs in life: social, physical, spiritual, educational, work type, recreational and just for the fun of it. Golden Age Care Center is often the scene of bingo, exercise programs, music, and quieter pursuits. Our activity staff is trained to understand the special needs and limitations of aging, working together to modify programs to meet the needs of our residents. The Activity Department's goal is to bring additional quality of life daily to our residents.

Restorative Program:

The program is under the direction of a licensed physical therapist and is offered by certified nursing assistants who have rehabilitation training. All services are documented to show the progress of individuals. Examples of restorative care include but are not limited to range of motion exercises, and ambulation.

Resident Centered Services:

Experience shows that individualized care and routine helps residents become more comfortable with new surroundings. Consistent staffing per neighborhood allows for total focus on seeing the resident flourish despite declines in physical health. Resident choice is at the heart of Golden Age. The thrust of resident-directed service is to place all possible decisions into the hands of our residents.


When you walk into Golden Age Care Center, you will notice immediately the clean and pleasant surroundings. It is because of the dedicated, hard-working members of our housekeeping team. Long hours and many hands are required to keep a facility of this size clean and running smoothly.

The staff of housekeepers works diligently to keep our building in tip-top shape for our residents, families, guests, and staff. The complete facility is cleaned daily.


The laundry department processes 1800 pounds of laundry each day. This includes resident's personal laundry and linens. Laundry service is 7 days a week.


One full-time and one part-time maintenance person keep all mechanical equipment in excellent condition. We have a backup generator for operation in case of emergencies.

In addition, to the entire daily care of the interior and exterior of our building, our maintenance department is in charge of grounds, including the garden and patio area, parking lot, and walks as well as managing the grass and snow removal.